The Benefits And Advantages Of Camping Hammocks July 12, 2016
Camping season tips and resources for last-minute travellers

Camping season tips and resources for last-minute travellers

One of the challenges that every camper faces is finding a comfortable way to sleep. Traditionally, this meant setting up a tent and filling it with an air mattress or sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Unfortunately, this amounts to a lot of extra gear to pack with you. One alternative that you may want to consider is sleeping in a hammock rather than in a tent.

Camping hammocks offer a number of advantages over other outdoor sleeping arrangements. For one thing, they get you up off the ground. This means that you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable rocks poking you in the back while you sleep, snakes or other creatures finding their way into your sleeping bag, or mud getting onto the floor of your tent. Instead, you can rest easy far above the ground away from all of these threats.

Most of today’s hammocks are designed to be extremely lightweight. They are typically made from polyester or nylon, both of which offer great resistance to moisture. In some cases, hammocks are equipped with rain flies or mosquito netting that can be pulled up over you once you are laying down in the hammock. This makes them every bit as practical as a tent without all of the hassle of having to set one up.

The process of hanging a hammock is relatively easy. All you need to do is find a couple of trees that are spaced the correct distance apart. Then, simply loop the hammock webbing around the tree on each end and tighten it to the appropriate level. The webbing that is used to hold up modern-day hammocks is designed to avoid damage to the bark of the tree. This means that you won’t inadvertently harm any trees while hanging your hammock.

For backpacking, hammocks simply can’t be beaten. They are extremely lightweight, making them exceptionally easy to carry with you. When you compare the weight of a hammock to the weight of a traditional tent, it is easy to see that hammocks are the hands-down winner. If you have ever carried a backpack over long distances, you know just how much of a difference a couple of pounds can make in how easy it is to carry your pack. Everything that you can do to pare down the weight of the items you are taking with you is beneficial. Eliminating the tent is a huge bonus when you are backpacking.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits and advantages associated with using camping hammocks. Their compact, lightweight design makes them a smart choice for any type of outdoor adventure where you don’t want to carry a lot of gear with you. Additionally, because they get you up off the ground, they can help you avoid many of the problems that are often associated with tent camping. They provide a quick, convenient place to sleep that is both comfortable and efficient. If you haven’t yet tried out a hammock in person, it is worth visiting a sporting-goods store to see just how comfortable today’s hammocks can be.…

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Hiking Tips That Can Help You Be Safe June 25, 2016

There are many ways to enjoy a hiking trip and to be safe. That’s what you will get information on when you go over these hiking tips. It’s good to be safe so that you can have a memorable time for all the right reasons.

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Figure out what kind of wild animals will be in the area and pack defense equipment if need be. Usually, hiking trails are places that animals won’t go too often, or they are in places where things are not that dangerous. However, if there will be a risk that you may run into a bear or other animals that could harm you, it’s a good idea to bring a weapon like a gun or pepper spray. It’s a good idea to go during times of the year where you don’t have to risk dealing with deadly animals.

Check the weather and pack extra clothing and equipment (trekking poles) you may need if there is a chance of rain or storms. It’s usually going to be easy for you to hike back to where you parked and got out of the area if the weather isn’t that bad, but if you were to get stuck in the rain, you’d want to have waterproof storage for extra clothing you can change into after the weather dies down. It’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst because you never know when something bad will happen that could be dangerous or uncomfortable for you.

Once you put these hiking tips to good use, you can see that they are going to help you enjoy your time. Plus, you can be safer if you create a plan and watch out for emergencies. It’s best to work out what you are going to do well before getting started.…

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The Best Hiking Tips June 19, 2016

Here are some of the most important hiking tips for you to have a better time hiking in the woods. Using these tips will not only help you enjoy your hiking trip but save your valuable time and money in the process.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during the whole phase of the hiking trip. Carry enough water on your trip. The pack will become light as the day passes by. Hence, you do not need to worry too much about the weight of your pack when hiking. If you are completely new to the sport, make sure you hike in a group, especially when going on lo-trail areas. Make sure to carry your trekking poles so read the best reviews you can. There are many benefits of going with someone who is experienced in the sport such as you get to learn from more experienced hikers along the way, distribute your loads among the peers, meet new people & build new relationships, and support for any injuries during the trip.
Make sure you leave your hiking plan at home with someone you trust. Give them a call and inform that you are safe once you reach the destination. Examine the first aid and emergency kits and replace all supplies that are empty. Keep the pack recognized and the items where you can easily find them. A sunscreen is a very important item that should be included in your pack even you decide to hike on a cold day. Short hair is easier to manage on the hike than long hair. Take a haircut before the hiking trip. In fact, it is less inviting for critters and bugs searching for a place to live in the woods. Thea aforementioned article highlights some of the most important hiking tips for you to enjoy your hiking trip in the woods.…

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Basic Hiking Tips June 18, 2016

Hiking, while an enjoyable and exhilarating hobby to thrust you into, can be very dangerous if the proper preparations aren’t in place before you go out. You need to be aware of every single part of the process, from the exact gear you need, the weather report of the given day you’ll be going out, the elevation of where you’re climbing, your overall health, and so on. To be as safe as possible, no one should go hiking without a lot of planning beforehand. Continue for a basic rundown of an essential hiking tips you need to consider.

First of all, you need to take your health into account. If you have issues with your heart, bad joints, or conditions like diabetes, you need to make sure you’re not going to over exert yourself or be out in the heat for too long. Strenuous activities like hiking can greatly exacerbate any health issues. As long as you study the weather conditions as well as what sort of terrain you can expect and how long it might take you to get to the top, you can plan around your personal limitations and bring whatever relevant supplies you need.

Of course, hiking is significantly easier if you have a lighter load. Make sure to only bring an essential items, some consider trekking poles that. Your must have items will be water, a light weight flashlight with some extra batteries and bulbs, a signaling mirror and compass, and a first aid kit. You also need to dress comfortably in sturdy boots that are already broken in.

Finally, make sure not to push yourself too hard. If you’re able to talk while you’re walking, that’s the perfect pace. If you’re notably having a hard time breathing, your body is fighting for oxygen, so slow the pace down and just try to enjoy yourself.…

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