There are probably hundreds of products available online and offline that you’ve never even heard of. In fact, we can live our whole lives without using certain products such as a pocket blanket. After all, very few realize that there are blankets that surpass the durability of any old comforter and can fold up to roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes. Let us tell you that if you’ve never seen or used a pocket blanket, you could be missing out on some benefits!

Perfect For The Outdoors

Though thin and lightweight, these best camping blankets are manufactured to the highest of standards regardless of the brand you choose. Of course, don’t let its weight fool you because these blankets are 100% waterproof and certainly don’t rip or tear easily. They are perfect companions for long hiking or camping trips, but they can even be the perfect addition to an impromptu picnic. Due to its size, you can easily leave it in your bag, pocket or car without fear of it taking up too much space.

No Fighting Against The Wind

We’ve all been in situations where the wind starts to pick up, and there’s no way to secure a blanket to the ground or the hood of your car. With careful designing, pocket blanket manufacturers have created a blanket that’s not just durable but carries small weights in each corner to help fight against the wind. Such a blanket is ideal for windy days on the beach or while trying to stay warm on a wilderness hike.

Small Enough To Carry

We can’t prepare for every emergency situation that may or may not arise shortly, but we can certainly try. Put together a small first aid kit to leave in your vehicle and make sure to include a pocket blanket. Even if you’re not going to compile an entire first aid kit, this blanket can fit easily into your purse, suitcase or any old pocket for when you need it the most.

Durable For Constant Use

Since most blankets aren’t meant for the outdoors, they won’t survive many picnics on the wet ground or near the beach. Investing in a pocket blanket can be a breath of fresh air and will save you more money than you would anticipate. The blanket is durable, waterproof, and sturdy enough to be used over and over again. Not to mention, should you change your mind about using it for one purpose, you can reinvent the blanket for something else. Bear in mind, you need not use it as a blanket since it can also be used to cover your car or protect you from unhygienic seating in public places.

Is it worth investing in a pocket blanket? Seeing the number of things you can do with it, we believe it is! You’d be surprised by the sheer versatility of an everyday object when you add features such as waterproofing and corner weights; not to mention, these blankets are highly affordable.